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Tall Pine Drilling Ltd.



Having problems with your well pump we can install a newone.  We carry different sizes of pumps to get you what you need when you need it.

Service & Installation  Pumpllation & Service

Sometimes you  need lines to go to both house and the shop.  We can tie it in for you.

Back Hoe and Bobcat services

Don’t have the space for a tank or want to make sure water pressure is consistent .  Call us.

Constant Pressure-Monodrive

Domestic and Industry work

New Wells

Industrial Water Wells

Wells for livestock

Whether you are building your dream home or your weekend hideaway you will need  water we can help.

Did you know it is probably cheaper for us to drill a water well then it would be to haul water in.  Call us for details

Existing well not enough to support your livestock - give us a call you may be eligible for a AB grant

Well Abandonment's

Well no longer required?  It needs to be abandoned.  We know what needs to be done and do it according to the Alberta Water Well Act.

Solar Pumps & panels

Trying to get off the grid?  There is no power where you want to drill?  Solar is the way to go

We can help with drilling a new well or doing maintenance on your existing well.  Give us a call  we can usually do a quote over the phone as long as you have your legal land location (eg NW 12-41-02W5).  If you have concerns or questions about your location we can come out and check out your property and pick out the best spot to drill the well.

If your Company is drilling and needs a close supply of water you would be surprised how cost effective we can be.